We know we can make it despite high eyes
We're boys so we hate it when we have to comply
I say it now I thank you for the memories
Of you I won't make an enemy

[1st Verse]
This is my time and I
I feel so alive and I know
This may sound rude and lack common sense
Then again there is no significance
I won't stand between you
I just want to be seen by the few
This may sound strange and seem quite intense
I'll brainstorm just to give you a sense

[2nd Verse]
This is our time and I
I feel so content I'm surprised
Conform to others views of this life
Discard your own embrace what is right
This world spins far to fast
Changes they never last
Now that we've done what's done to impress
I've joined your trend so go tell the rest


No ones going out not now
High fives all round
So place your palms on the ground
The things we do to get around
No ones going past us now
On our second time round
Pointless as it sounds
The things we do to get around


Every question we know holds every answer we hide
Every clue that we make will lead us right here tonight
In a clue there's a dream and I'll be waiting to see
How every arrow on this road will lead directly to me

"When my ideas fail in the end
I won't conform I won't pretend" (Times 2)
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High Fives All Around Lyrics

Saving Aimee – High Fives All Around Lyrics

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