Tonight I'll stay awake long enough to stop breathing
And I wonder how long it will take before I pass out drunk off night skies
And lying on hills with wet grass below and blue black above-
I will carry all the weights tonight
'cause I keep remembering the day that you said you might go crazy
If you spent one more minute with me and I just don't know-
Is one more minute going to kill you now?
Stop before I say too much-
So now I've been alone and it's been going but tomorrow might not come
If I don't let it so don't forget the mornings that we spent deep inside out heads
Staring at blank walls 'cause that's what counts
And I don't know but I'm trying to let you go
But I can't cut so well these strings I have around my neck
And I'm trying to let you know that I'm doing this by myself-
So don't forget we sent letters to ourselves without words
And it was just to remember those days that we spent in our heads.
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