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You Lyrics

Save The Last Dance – You Lyrics

(Lucy Pearl feat. Q-Tip&Snoop Dogg)

Check one, two
I put it down for the lbc
I put it down for a place called Queens
You know I represent the 213
I hold it down for the big city
I keep it gangsta for all my young g's
All the P-Y-T's wit they own car keys(Snoop Dogg)
I put it down for all the ladies(ladies, ladies, ladies)
It's all about you(x3)
Lucy Pearl, all over the world
It's all about you, we gon' dance and that's for sure

[Raphael Saadiq]
I tried to look the other way, but there you passed me by
I saw you holding Q-Tips hand, and girl I damn near died
The way you hold that Cosmo just fits you to a tee
But I just wish that you were sitting right here next to me
I wonder what was on God's mind the day that he made you
I know he rolled the new commandment after he was through
But every time I see you, I find something new
But I just gotta have you

[Chorus: repeat x2]
I really want you
I just gotta have you

[Raphael Saadiq]
Me and nephew Snoop were eating at the serving spoon
And my partner skin it back was sitting with us too
And all of a sudden your body was inside
I couldn't finish breakfast, now something just ain't right
Now Snoop is lookin' like, what the hell is wrong with you
I said I know you understand, you've been through a few
But this one was special, special to me
Is it just my imagination killing me, girl
You, you, you, yeah

[Chorus: repeat x2]
All I ever want is you
I just gotta have you
Now all I really want is you
(all I really want is..)

[Snoop Dogg]
I can't fake it no more
I can't take it no more
I need you in my life for sure, my wife for sure
No turning back, it's on and crackin'
Pure satisfaction, girl that's what's haps


Time brings changing, change brakes time
My nephew wants you cause you so fine

A woman choose a man is a real motive
Make a choice cause me and Ray we never happy
Me and Snoop we go hard, real macaronis
Why you think that we want to have a ceremony, Snoop Dogg

Is some special 'bout you baby girl
I need to know right here, right now what you really wanna do

[Chorus: repeat 'til fades]
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