Ladies and gentlemen, it's with the greatest pleasure that I present, niggy tardust.

Verse 1:

Niggy tardust
Grippo king, philosopher, and artist
Downright to the marrow
He's the arrow through the heartless
Sunlight in the afternoon his shadow travels furthest
Woven through the heart of doom he's bursting through the surface
Hardly nervous,
Suffice to say he understands his purpose
Threshold king of everything, a comical absurdist
Sometimes when he talks he sings yet keeps his high notes wordless
Sing along when niggy sings, without you he'd be worthless
Homeless, earthless
Venus heart and tied(? ) up in the circus
Freakshow hear him speak so properly cuz every word is
Measured against meaning probably skeeming to unlearn us
Don't you call him by his name, white people call him Curtis

When I say niggy you say nothing

When I say niggy you say nothing
Shut up
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Niggy Tardust Lyrics

Saul Williams – Niggy Tardust Lyrics