Jimi, jim and janis on a bathroom floor,
There's a seizure goin' on and they won't rock no more
There's a rockstar lying in a puddle of blood
There's a meeting in the boardroom when they pull the plug, yeah...
Beer-bellied dude just watching mtv cuz there's nothing better to do
With all the time that's free and the western worlds choking on it's hard
Earned puke like a rockstar on the tile and were turning blue, yeah...
(I wanna die like a rockstar) Punk rock children writing magazines
Slinging shit upon each other is not "uniting the scene" because the
While stinkin' mess is just a rockstar death, you can study
All you want but there will not be a test no... No
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Jimi, Jim, And Janis Lyrics

Saturn's Flea Collar – Jimi, Jim, And Janis Lyrics