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Philip, The Hyper-Hypo Kid Lyrics

Saturday Night Live – Philip, The Hyper-Hypo Kid Lyrics



What's your name?
My name is Philip

How come you don't wear a harness?
My mom doesn't believe in it, she thinks its cruel
My mom thinks is very necesary, I'm hyperglysemic and hyperactive.
I'm a hyper-hypo, that's why I wear a helmet. My mothers a little over protective
Well why don't you try and get out of it?

I can't right now. I've worn my way through six harnesses.

One time my mom's car ran out of gas, so she gave me a snickers bar and a can of coke,
I towed the car home, seven miles.. When we got home I was tired

We just moved here from Austrailia, its nice here in America
Yes it is

How old are you?
I'm six
I'm six and a half
I'm six and three quarters
I'm six and four fifths
I'm six and infinity
I'm six and infinity... + 1

Can I see it?
See that
This is where milk comes for the babys
This is where milk comes for the babys
Right there and there
Give it back to me stupid
Shut up
Shut up

I'm gonna talk like a robot
I'm a robot
I'm talking like a robot

I love you, you know
I know, people always tell me that I'm pretty, everyone always says shes pretty
I hate it
Your conceeded
Your a weirdo
I'm over you, your drops
I don't talk to you anymore
I don't think about you when your not here, you know
At least I don't have to wear a harness
That was hurtful and... Unecesary
I'm sorry
It's ok

I'm in a choir in sydney my mother says I have a pretty voice
Wow, your surrounded by alot of possitive support.

I'm gonna sing a song for you
Tie me kangaroo down sport
Tie me kangaroo down
Tie me kangaroo down sport
Tie me kangaroo down
Hehe, that was fun!
Whatever.. Ok
Don't you think I have a pretty voice?
I got to say you know, when you get older people aren't going to support you so much
Why not?
My cousin was a cute kid, and then when he hit puberty his face exploded!
Now he looks around and he's wondering where all the people who said he was cute went to

Guess what I'm doing?
Your smushing your face
I'm doing an impression of my dog, hes a sharpee
I'm a sharpee too

I love you again
I know
I'm hungry
Oh, I have a hershey bar
I'm not suppose to eat sugar
Mmm, its really good
You're the Devil!
Wanna bite?
Well I suppose, it couldn't hurt
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