The Cruel voice of the night
That calls you in your sleep
When the silence is broken
By the yell from darkness
The moonlight embraces the unseen
That is given life from your fears
The furor awakens to convulse
Your frightful soul

In the night and in your eyes
A dread draped in swirling fur
Ghostly tails that follow
A myriad of feral gestalts
The terror of the dark age
That sleeps in warrior's heart
Resurges from our blood's memory
To invoke our life's quintessence

Come forth, Bestial darkness
Come forth, silent death
A wolfstorm's moonyell

Come forth, Bestial darkness
Come forth, darkest fear
A wolfstorm's black spell

In the mist out of sight
Claws rustle in the night
The cold shimmer of eyes
That stare into your soul
The powers that travel unseen
Surging from the majesty's heart
The storm of wolf's spirit
All that finds strength in fear
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Bestial Darkness Lyrics

Satanic Warmaster – Bestial Darkness Lyrics