Yet another big company gets away dodging taxes and our elected government puts on the blindfold. cause they know that if they're audited, the firms will relocate abroad, for lower costs and cheaper labor. so I guess this says a lot about who really pulls the strings and who the puppets are. in probably all industrial nations, they're sitting behind the curtains, invisibly in the background, where most of us don't recognize them and therefore can't resist their influence. they force us to believe that these products are essential, something we really need. they sell us what we're told we need and with smiles on our faces we rush out to buy, thinking "this is life", "this is freedom of choice". they don't erect monuments, in the name of factory workers, to the memory of those who die a little every morning getting up at 4 o'clock
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Pulling The Strings Lyrics

Satanic Surfers – Pulling The Strings Lyrics