I been slidin' round the snake oil of my baby's second skin
Feelin' kind of nasty do I wanna to let him in my river
Nothin' lasts forever but he sure give it a try
Fly me to the moon and he don't even ask me why when it's over
He's a symphony

Seein' ain't believin', whisperin' and screamin'
Everytime he take me to the top

Boy I want your honey - I don't want your money
Boy I want your honey all over me
Pour me some more honey
Don't you think it's funny
All I want is honey
And what is wrong with that?

Baby play the guitar like he wanna break his neck
And when he play with me he leave me a physical wreck
I can't fight it - I'm delighted baby

Been tryin' to get some sleep
Cause my baby's coming home
Feeling kinda hungry Mr. Give a dog a bone
Cos he's mean - He's a mystery

I'm an Alleycat
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Honey Lyrics

Sass Jordan – Honey Lyrics