Darkness purifies us as we march towards war
A crusade that forever shall extinguish the Christian whore

Mother Mary gave birth to a son of shit
The difference between Jesus and a whore is only the c***

The wrath that unifies us shall be directed against the meek
We shall rape the faithful idiot and strangle the weak

Mother Mary...

You shall forever succumb to the flames of our unholy fire
As we solemnize the utter extinction of the Christian liar

Mother Mary...

Our troops of pure evil shall burn the Christian lair
We shall celebrate our triumph as they cry in despair
They shall adorn our fortress as a monument to our pride
As they on their own filthy crosses are crucified
Our might shall be displayed through their spilt blood
As we solemnize the grim destruction of your god!
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Evangelical Clitorial Lyrics

Sargatanas Reign – Evangelical Clitorial Lyrics

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