Youngstown, Young girl,
Looking out the window at a big old world,
And I'm proud of where I come from,
But I got a full tank a' gas and I'm ready to run,
So it's five hundred sixty three,
Miles to Nashville, Tennesse,
And I know I've gotta pay my dues,
But I've got a song to sing, and nothing to lose,
So it's bye-bye Daddy, oh hello Mother Church,
Your long lost child is coming home,
I like Johnny Cash, and Patsy Cline,
I'll be ready when it's my time,
And I'm proud, and I'm scared,
But I'm gonna show em when I get there,
Ain't no runnin, no backin down,
In this young girl, from Youngstown
*End of Chorus*
My heart is spinning like a wheel, (a wheel)
But I've got dreams made of steel,
I'm a young girl, but I'm old enough,
I'm gonna take that town and tear it up!
I'm running, I'm running, I'm ready!
I won't back down, no no no no no no no.
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Youngstown Lyrics

Sarah Turner – Youngstown Lyrics

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