You send who you are
On an elvis postcard,
And I like the way you write your r's
On my little dreams....

Don't know what to say
That'll make you want to stay
That voice is clear as day
So close,
If it wasn't so far away....

Can't you see
What you are doing to me?

How long can I wait?
Call it chance or call it fate
But something in the lights,
I felt calling me here,
Calling me here....

Mister big shot man
Decices to call his star-struck fan
He's so nice, and he's such an asshole
All at once....
Isn't being a rock star fun?

Can't you see what this is doing to me?
Well don't mind me,
I'm just your nobody,
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Rock Star Lyrics

Sarah Slean – Rock Star Lyrics