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Nothing Sticks Lyrics

Sarah Mary Chadwick – Nothing Sticks Lyrics

Well I wonder how I'm playing
Poorly feely or out of control
I called there once, now I’m flailing
I remember you're big, but you I can't recall

And stick around for the winter
I might run into you
Might change the world
I wish I was a beginner
Wish the colours were separate
Not one muddy swirl

’Cause you found out what begged it
That I watch how it looks
To [?] and copy it
And if you like it, then I like it

And you think you can see
But I'm just made of mist
Nothing sticks
So it's no big surprise when I quit

This is just like one of those billboards
Of a random scene with the faces cut out
Stick your head through hay
You're [?]
And I'll stick mine through two
Hey, I'm olive oil now

And you're a famous portrait
And my souls never achieve what they're for
And I’ll wait in for the big time
Least I though that I did
Now I’m really not sure

'Cause you’re young
You're just a big kid

And me too, I stopped growing
There's no pride in it
And I'm bouncing like an echo

And I’m a rusty nail
I'm a bad magic trick
Nothing sticks
So I'm trying to memorise it
Nothing sticks
You're so lovely, but I can't feel it

Nothing sticks
So it's no big surprise when I quit
Nothing sticks
So I'm clean, though I'm rolling in shit
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