In the long light of early July,
In the summer heat he asked me to be his wife.
He said, Take my hand and for the rest of my life, I'll
Be at your side. It's you and me in the bye-and-bye.

He said long have you been a bud in bloom, with
Sun-kissed blush and ivory croom.
So let the wind whip the green grass in the dunes.
My love for you runs through and through.
Forever cannot come too soon.

The summer left and came November clouds, when it had
All fallen to the ground.
Waiting for the sun to come back around, I meant to lift him up, not tie
Him down.
I am lost, but once was found.

Good times they came and went away.
By-and-by we began to fray.
And it was clear to see that he had swayed.
That first summer seemed so far away, but I'm still here and not afraid.

So the wind whipped the green grass in the dunes.
Forever stayed out of view.
My ivory skin still crooms.
My love for him goes through and through.

He had my hand and set it free.
Still got my heart hidden away from me.
I can't walk away, I won't let it be.
My love is under lock and key.
My love is under lock and key.
My love is under lock and key.
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Lock & Key Lyrics

Sara Watkins – Lock & Key Lyrics