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I Wanna Do Everything Lyrics

Sara Ramirez – I Wanna Do Everything Lyrics

I wanna do everything, hear the song birds refrein,
Smell the promise of rain, see the colors of spring,
And I wanna feel what all humans can feel,
Scrape a knee, be embraced, taste a chocolaty taste,
Understand become real, have a mother and father,
A brother I could bother, so real
From crawling to walking, from cooing to talking,
I'll feel that I'm living...

Ohhh, I wanna do everything, drive a car, fly a jet,
Use a match, win a bet, kick the moon from a swing,
And I wanna learn what all humans must learn,
What to do, where to go, do I let the glass over flow,
Will I know, will I be good, will I be wise,
And when I should I will serve the truth no comprimise...

Down among the living that's where I will be,
I'll be somebody's baby girl, in a happy family,
I'll be smart and I'll be pretty, have the world upon a
Spring, and with an angel on my shoulder I will say yes to everything

Well it may sound so exciting but there's a downside to this deal,
You'll see things that you never wanted to see,
Feel your emotions hard to feel, look around right at this moment,
You can see it in my eyes, I am alive again I'm in heaven what a surprise...

Ohhhh I wanna do everything (everything)
Live each moment for now, make a difference somehow,
Share the joy that I'll bring, and I wanna feel what all
Humans must feel, write a play, start a trend,
Laugh all day with a friend, understand being real
(You are real) so real... So real...
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