You are here in the rain
Never said
It was too fast
But I could never say you were a dream come true
While sleeping.
I woke up and were not
I walked outside and look you in heaven
Just saw the flamboyant beautiful moon glow.


And devotees say this is beautiful
Hear a beautiful song
While I think of you.
And only waiting for you
Now just take my hand and we walked together.

I get started, the party
And now I see that you are more excited than me.
You say that these very happy with me
And now you give me a kiss.

I embrace and understood
What really is love for my
And yet you told me take your hand forever and never let go.


And devotees say this is beautiful
Be next to you
Sharing the moment.
And just feel your affection
Now just take my hand and we go to dance.

Now if I am happy to be with you forever.
Never fails...
If that's what you want.
And being honest you will clarify.


That this is beautiful to be with you.
My life to smile again
Giving me another chance.
Will waste much less now
Because life is a gift, so is life.
Take my hand and we
Together to enjoy.
Take my hand now!
Do quickly
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Take My Hand Lyrics

Santiago Monjaraz – Take My Hand Lyrics