Chorus (Santese Lamar)
Yeah yeah shawty bad,
I said yeah Bruh Bruh She Go
She be dancin' on the floor
And she shines like Diamonds, Diamonds!
She shines like diamonds, diamonds (Yeah)
I said she bring that thang around
And she drop it to the floor
She be keeping me around
Cause she's worth more than Diamonds, Diamonds
She's worth more than Diamonds, Diamonds (Yeah)

Verse (Young Assassin)
Shawty bad yeah she go
Never seen swag like hers before
Look at her tats check out of hair
Is that a louie purse even peep out her clothes
She's a 1 of a kind yeah stunna chick
Cutie in the face with them coke bottle hips
Just what I like she's on her own hype
Some bossy shit, independent chick
Damn baby you lookin’ like a diva
Wanna real man to show you how to treat ya
I'll never mislead you I never would cheat ya
I'm a hold ya down show you I need ya
If you wanna ball and want it all
Let me show you the world cuz you aint 't seen it all
Just make your next move your best move
And give young assassin that phone call
Your body left the mesmerize them, blue I've got me hypnotized
Your sweet emotions Make my temperature rise what I'm telling you girl no dreams no lies
So let me do with the next man can't,
Cause the fire kidd baby going hard in the paint
Shawty bad and she lettin’ it show, shawty got swag yeah she go


Verse (Santese Lamar)
I swear these other niggas playing with you shawty
‘Cause they ain't have, half my grind ‘cause when I'm with you I'm gone be fine
So go ahead and take yo time girl
Shawty get ready because the whole night is ours and I think that we should take it
I like the way moving shawty, you really turn me on
Go ahead and work it girl, If this this yo song
People trying to talk to me about about you
But they don't even know shit, while I got a diamond view
I got you, I got swag at the same damn time
Put you in the coupe, Now I’m even more fly
These niggas don't understand that you're all mine
Girls really in need for the D but only one chick rollin with Tese (so What's Up x2)


Bridge (Santese Lamar)
Shawty way badder than two face
And she keep it so cool like Lupe
And I ride around and get it like 2 Chainz
She’ll be on my side like Always

Yeah Yeah she can get it
I said Yeah Bruh Bruh She go
Man She bring that thing around
And she drop it to the floor

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Diamonds Lyrics

Santese Lamar – Diamonds Lyrics

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