What Am I Going To Do... ?
(Phone Rings...)
Hey what's Up?
Nothing Why Did You Leave?
Hey I'm Sorry For Leaving All Of A Sudden
Forgive me for not Saying Anything After I Left
I'm Sorry, Yesturday I Took Away Your Virginity
I Got Carried Away, It Was A Moment Of Love
(Oooh don't Worry I Did It Because I Wanted To I Really Love You & I'm Happy
That You Was The First)
No Love Wait, I Have Too Explain You Something
It's Something So Dificult That Makes Me Want To Cry I Did Something Bad I
Should'nt Have Never Met You.
I Did Something Bad I can't Stop Torturing Myself
(Be Honest)
But I can't Ruin Our Future,
I didn't Want To I Swear
Is That there's Someone Else In Me
Don't Worry it's Not Another Women I, ve Always Been Loyal To You
It's Something Worse, I Ruined Your Life Forgive Me Please Forgive Me My
One Day We Met & I didn't Really Care
Everyday I Loved You More And This Really Concerned Me
One Day You Will Know & Of Me You Would Get Away
That's Why Telling
You I Couldnt
I don't Know Why I Did It
I Had To Abstain MySelf
I don't Know Why I Did It
I didn't Want To Hurt You
It it's My Last Phone Call
You Will Not See Me Anymore,
I Have A Gun In My Drawer & I'm Going To Kill Myself
Take Care I Hope That One Day You Will Be Able To Forgive Me!
Take Care My Love & I Hope You don't Fall In Love
Thank You My Love For This Year I Loved Every Second I don't Why I Hurt You
I'm Leaving But Your Staying But What I Did Yesturday
You Will Never Forget Me
Forgive Me Forgive Me My Love
Forgive Me Forgive Me My Love
Forgive Me Love
Welcome To The World Of Aids
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Mi Ultima Llamada (My Last Phone Call) Lyrics

Santa Rm – Mi Ultima Llamada (My Last Phone Call) Lyrics