It’s a hopeless mission
For a wishin' musician
To be fishin' for recognition
In this current condition
With the labels on commission
There's no need for a musician
Just stick with the tradition
Of auto-tune renditions

Just take old compositions
And bring in electricians
We'll sell limited editions
Of these synth-y pop emissions
Although they may be products enslaved by these tacticians
We'll tell the public ear that it was on their own volition

There will be no suspicion
Of our creative prohibitions
In our monetary volitation
We control with impositions
And we'll make it our mission - disguising lifeless repetition
With careless suppositions and sub-bass transmissions

The industry of music is an inhibition
Extinguishing passion-filled ignition
Talent and purpose are no definition
Of today's music industry of no real musicians
In these flood of haste, these compliant haste floods
The kids have consequently lost their musical taste buds
The media now dictates the way we listen
And our eardrums have turned into noise admissions
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The Reality Of A Fake Music Industry Lyrics

Sanctification Parade – The Reality Of A Fake Music Industry Lyrics