I don't believe in you no more
No quiero llorar, no more
I don't believe in you no more
No more

San doc verse

Fell in love with a tiny brown latina
I can finally sing bout my cute lil tina
Oh yes I cooked and we're having steak for dinner
Fuck sabrina and that other blonde balbinna
Happiness is missing
Sprite and got my lean in
Yeah I fucking hate life and yes do I mean it
Why do you rap tho
Cuz nobody ever listens
We're crying and then fucking bring the tissues
I don't care about the issues
All I care is leisure
It won't last longer if you take a picture
Afraid it ain't love but an addiction
LSD Salvia, brain chemical reaction
Love your freaky fashion
Missing all them action
Call me mr. rolling stone
There's never satisfaction
Call me mr. freezer
Cuz there's never compassion
Never thought I'd break bad
But I'm good at extraction
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No More Lyrics

San Doctor – No More Lyrics

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