Track: What They Say
[Verse 1 - Samuel Juicy:]
My soul is hungry,
My heart is broken,
My head is shaken,
I can't feel myself now,
Everything I do people are always on it,
They tell me how I can't make it,
But I always tell 'em the bright day will come, they wont believe.
I might not be good enough but I believe in myself,
Fuck whatever you say,
How can you hate on a little nigga like me,
Cause what I do, ain't got nothing to do with you.

[Verse 2 - Kay Master:]
People don't stop talking,
I'm tired of listening,
They say I wasn't born for this,
Talking shit behind me,
They aint real, yeah
They think they know,
But they don't know nothing,
Am living my life,
They can go behind my ass,
But they wont find evidence,
Cause this is my dream,
Inspired by my artists,
And thanks to my fans.
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What They Say Lyrics

Samuel Juicy – What They Say Lyrics

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