Hey, they're saying this phone's gonna be like a precious jewel.
Jewel, I love that!

The headphone jack is going to be on the bottom! Phh!

I heard the connector's all digital!
What does that even mean?
Who knows?

I'm psyched!

All I'm saying they should 'ave a priority line for people who've waited five times.

I heard you have to have an adapter to use the doc on the new one.
Yeah, yeah, but they made the coolest adapters!

Welcome back!
Just like Galaxy siii didn't work out?
No, no, I love the gsiii.
It's extremely awesome.
I'm just saving a spot in line for someone.
That's not cool. Yeah, man.

This year we finally getting everything that we didn't get last year.
The big screen.
True 4G.
What is that?
Hey, what'd you just do?
Oh, I just send him a playlist.
By touching phones?
Yep, as simple as that.

It's the Galaxy siii.

Hey, mom, dad.
Oh, thanks for holding our spot.

Hey man.
Oh hey!
How's it going?
Saved your spot.
I moved on.
But, you not gonna miss all this?
I got the Samsung gsiii now.

Is that a Samsung?
That's a new Samsung!
It is.
It's pretty cool!
But, I kinda like it...

This one's 4G!
Yeah, we've had that for a while...
This one's got a big screen!
This one has a bigger one
And we can share videos instantly.
You can watch a video while you're sending an email.

But we're gonna get that, for sure,
May be not this time,
But the next time,

The Next Big Thing Is Already Here:
The Samsung Galaxy siii!
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The Next Big Thing Is Already Here Samsung Galaxy S III Commercial Lyrics

Samsung – The Next Big Thing Is Already Here Samsung Galaxy S III Commercial Lyrics