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Sammy J – Rap Lyrics

Oh no, it just started to happen
I took a sip of my juice and I think I'm now...

I didn't mean to do this, wasn't part of any plan
But flavour of my juice is turning me into an an-imal
Duck! I'm over your head
If I had a 2B pencil then I'd pump you full of lead!
Cause this fruit juice, baby
It's drivin' me crazy
These flavours and preservatives
Are making me conservative
No abortion, no gay rights
Now freeze, match, reignite!

My comfort zone
Has just been blown
I'm a musical comedian
Not fluent in this medium
I shouldn't be rapping, should be playing my piano
But you wouldn't hear that thing on an ipod Nano
Two gig, four gig, bigger would be better
I'd blame it on Madonna, but I've never even met her
And I've never popped a cap in the booty of a bitch
Didn't grow up in the ghetto, had a very normal
Situation as a child
It was mild

Now it's time for a little freestyling!
Freestyling over!

Now I'm back in the game
Just forget about that last bit, it was all in your brain
So let's break it down now, just to love one another
Cause I don't wanna spend my life being a colour
Macaulay Culkin in a Michael Jackson film clip
I see some of you that got it, I see some of you that didn't
But that's cool, baby, don't hold back
Yeah, just because I'm skinny doesn't mean I'm not black
Now remember when I'm finished up performing this arrangement
I'm fifty-eight kilograms of pure entertainment

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