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Bottled Poetry Lyrics

Sami Ford – Bottled Poetry Lyrics

I had a dream saw myself in that mirror ballin
Got distracted, looked at my phone, my momma was callin
Felt like screaming out: 'where is the love?’
Until I heard I shot and an angel was falling

These are definitely some common problems
These are some hella heavy issues and I think we should talk about em
Matter of fact I can’t explain the reason why I hold this bottle
Started drinking till I felt it, gave up then forgot my sorrows

13 shots to the face
Oh yea oh yea
Momma tell me where I'm at
I'm feeling good
I'm feeling great
Nuvo killing me
(Open the bottle, find poetry)
It's telling me

8x Bitch I'm still alive
Recently the most most respected in 030
Went from collecting coins for 4000 a month

I had a dream saw myself in that mirror beaming
Having a lotta bad bitches with no sexual inhibitions
Plus this picture got me thinking,
About the things that I really wanted
Like being a politician and change the world with my ambition
In my mind, I did but never had to think about it
You said I can trust you but I really doubt it
Faith is the substance I thought I could live without it
Until I realized how fucking stupid I just sounded


Riding around my city with two pussies on lock
And I'm probably gonna take it to the head, oh god
I'm probably gonna sin, oh god
I'm probably gonna sin, oh god

(3. Verse)
But I'm gonna take another 2 shots for my homie Jonny K.
Who was murdered for no reason
Rest in peace for all the things that he believed in
Nigga this life is just a bitch
Fuck all the targets that I've missed
I just earned a couple coins
So tonight I'm gonna sit and…

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