It was just
An ordinary afternoon
I was sitting in the park
Trying to forget
All of my blues
I wanted
A lil something to spark
And so in god's green earth
I did partake
An unusual affair
I forgot my woes
While I fell awake
I didn't have
A single care
Then I noticed
Something very wrong
I was so parched
I could not sing this song

Cottonmouth, cottonmouth
You're so damn rough
Cottonmouth, cottonmouth
Cottonmouth, cottonmouth
Don't know what to do
Cottonmouth, cottonmouth
So in love with you

In what was just
An ordinary afternoon
Became complicated
In my intent
To drive away my blues
I got discombobulated
I tried to get
My cloudy head to think
See I needed a solution
But the only water
I could find to drink
Was full of polution


I need some h2o
Down my throat (8x)
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Cottonmouth Lyrics

Sam Sparro – Cottonmouth Lyrics

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