Ohh what am I to do
Cause visions of you be on my mind
And I can't control it
I like the way we vibe
It's on tonight no strings attached
Yeah I wanna be with you

When I look at your face
When I look at your face girl
It makes a brother go wild
Every time I look at your face

Ohh when I'm on top of you
Such a beautiful view
I like the way you call my name
From Your eyes to your smile
To the s*** lips I wanna kiss
And I want all of you


Another cut for the girls (right)
To make'em feel good (yeah)
To all the ladies
Give me love

[Hook 1]

[Hook2 x2]
Everytime I see your pretty smile
You know that it makes a brother go wild

[Hook 1]
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Your Face Lyrics

Sam Salter – Your Face Lyrics

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