Can I run and hide
I’m stuck inside my memories
Step away from time
Take me to a place
Where I will never grow old

I’m tired everyday
I’m thirsty for the rain
That waters all of my melodies
The needle in the skies
Never fails to light my night
And it sews my heart
On my tattered sleeve

Oh please my heart is all for you
Just please take care of me
I’m all for you

Take take take me all for you
Take take take me home to you

Han.gukmari deo ppalli neureosseum jotgesseo
Naui ma.eumeul deo jal jeonhal su itke Oh
Biga manhdeon keu got modudeul geon.ganghanji
Gakkeum nae saenggakeun haneunji

Ajik natseon yeogi nareul johahaejuneun
Saeroun naege saenggyeosseo

Oh please ijen nal badajwo
Just please deureogage heorakhaejwo
Neul yeogi itdeon geot cheoreom
Let let let me in your heart

Deullyeojul mari neomu manheunde

Oh please nae soneul jabajwo
Just please eoje cheoreom nal anajwo
Neul hamkke itdeon geot cheoreom
Take take take me home
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Seattle Lyrics

Sam Kim – Seattle Lyrics