On a starry winter night
With the frost just sweet and tender
In a little town called Nazareth
Is where it all began

To me, a mere little virgin
Said the angels in a dream
Shall soon conceive a baby
The hold one, call thee ‘Jesus’
My ‘best half’ to be of a carpenter
In shock, awoke these words.

And to the skill of my carpenter
Inscribed into his heart
For he shall take me to be his won
And the baby for the world.

On a donkey, yet so simple
I rode all night and day
Never knew the one I had carried
The redeemer, the world awaits.

In pain, we searched for a cradle
In despair, the angels led us as we troddled
To a place more cozy than that cradle
Gave birth in the warmth of a stable.

Into his eyes, I looked and saw
This tale of mine, of a life unknown
It's purpose, pain and anguish
All vanished in a bliss

This tale of mine is now a tale of yours
Of the birth of my little baby
With hearts all are filled with love, warmth and care
The world awaits this Christmas tale.
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Christmas Tale Lyrics

Sam John Koshy – Christmas Tale Lyrics

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