[Verse One]
Watching the moon go out
And stars fall screaming to the Earth
Can you see why the sky
Is darker here than anywhere?
All time is mine, can you see
I hold the sun
And today is yesterday
And tomorrow's time to run

[Verse Two]
The air is full of voices crying
For the death of yesterday
Why is tomorrow waiting?
Daylight seems so far away
Call all to the little white horses
Galloping across the sky
The time is here for you
It's time for you to fly

[Verse Three]
Tell the watchers I am waiting
Ask her then the reason why
Time is spinning sideways
I had not the chance to say goodbye
All time is past, do you know
You hold the key
But the door is down before you
Death has set me free
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Cold Embrace Lyrics

Sam Gopal – Cold Embrace Lyrics