Feat. Carolina Norbu

I Should've put my guards up,
And shouldn't let you carry me (away).
All I knew about you, and all you do, is just a lie.
Cause all your smile, and all your words are just fake.
Everything I knew about you, seems to be wrong.

Where are you baby right now?
I am in misery.
I need you more than anyone, to help me be at ease.
No, I can't stand, any longer without you.
And you left me here.
Feeling so cold, I'm lost without you.

Said you wouldn't leave,
No matter how hard life will be.
You told me wouldn't leave,
No matter how far we will be.
Said you would stay, here with me holding my hand.
But now that you're gone.
All that seems to be a memory.


Can't get you out of mind,
Feel so alone right now.
Just wanna scream out loud,
Cause you're not mine anymore

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Lost Without You Lyrics

Sam Flago – Lost Without You Lyrics

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