Frankie and Johnny was sweethearts
At least that's the way the story goes
Frankie bought everything for Johnny
From his sports car to his Ivy League clothes

He was a man alright, oh but he was doing her wrong
Just to show you what can happen

A friend came running to Frankie
She said you know I wouldn't tell you no lie
I saw your man riding in his Jaguar
With a chick named Nellie Blye

He was your man honey, oh and he was doing you wrong
Let me tell the story

Frankie ran around the corner
And peeked in a swinging place
There she saw Johnny with the woman
He had his arms around her waist

Aw... He was a man alright but Frankie could see that he was
Doing her wrong. And oh let me tell you

Frankie reached down in her pocketbook
And up with a long forty-four
She shot once, twice, three times and
Johnny fell to the hard wood floor

Aw... He was a man alright but Frankie shot him because he was
Doing her wrong

But the last thing he told her was
Frankie, you know I love you
Why? Honey why did you do that?
Frankie.. I was telling her about you
Frankie.. You know I love you
Frankie.. You know that I love you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Now Frankie, you know darn well that I love you
Frankie.. I'll always love you baby
Frankie.. You know I can't do without you
Frankie.. You know I love you
And I know, I know I was doing
You wrong.. Wrong.. Wrong.. Wrong
Now Frankie.. You know darn well that I love you
Frankie....(song fades and ends)
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Frankie And Johnny Lyrics

Sam Cooke – Frankie And Johnny Lyrics

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