Back then it almost felt,
Heaven sent
With slow dancing models
In a childs ornament
Kept spinning our heads full of stars
Dont know what we had
But we knew it was ours
With one hand on the small of her back
The other in hers, as we moved to the track
That was playing in our heads all along
The symphony silent, a beautiful song

We were lovers, we were doomed from the start
It was all broken clockwork, the dancers both fall appart
Maybe it was a dream, and I just woke up

The girl sits alone with her art
Seems her words are the only way
To mend her broken heart
Like her life is the fiction not found
Her real image in writing is staring straight back
Her protagonist has broken hope
The typewriter pause, then the words come out slowly
Like teardrops, fall on the page
In an instant her soul, released from its cage

She wrote

You were laying there dying,
Like the end of a western
Saying tell me what europe is like
I said tell me yourself, we can go when you feel right

At the coast, every star seems so near
But you wouldnt know each, had been gone all those years
And the ocean rose on like a dream
And into the distance, forever it seems
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Stars Lyrics

Sam Airey – Stars Lyrics

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