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Longtime Lyrics

Salmonella Dub – Longtime Lyrics

Last time that I saw you
down in the city, we were too busy to move
making our own direction.
But we'll never forget our connection
Always stick to your roots with you
Whenever you are down
remember your crew.

Shining so strong, beautiful star
International traveller
You never give up

You never give up

We all know that you had to go
just spread your wings
and let the wind take your flow.
It was just a matter of time
before the whole world awoken to your shine.
Now that you got it
don't throw it away.
Two steps ahead of the pack
and that's where you should stay

Shining so strong beautiful star
International traveller
you never give up


It's good to see you again my friend
It's been a long long time
It's good to hear your voice again friend
It's been a long long time
It's been a long long time
It's been a long long time

Don't you fall from grace
be cool with your space
check your place
in the race x3

(Chorus until fade)
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