I know I hurt you
When I opened up my heart
It was feeling weak
It was skipping beats
Cause our love felt torn apart
From your heart
In my heart

I died a lottle
When you said you needed time
I said, take your time
But I died inside
So when you make your mind
If you feel that you are mine

Do come running
Do come running
There’s no one else I’d rather see but you

Do come running
Do come running
To save my bleeding heart
To make a brand new start
Do come running

If you come running
I’ll be waiting, open arms
We can work it out
If you have no doubt
That we are all we need
That I make you feel complete

If you don’t feel like giving in
If you believe that we can win
If you just love me like I do
Love the hell out of sweet you
Don’t hesitate
Don’t delay
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Do Come Running Lyrics

Sal – Do Come Running Lyrics

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