I say I'll try x 8

I say I'll try to work this out
Yes I will try to be faithful
It ain't easy to be loyal,
But I will try to make it through

I'm the usual type
I'm just a little bit harder
To play with in this game
It's just the way I work yeah
I know you'll like me to
Stay here a little bit longer,
But I'm not the easy type
I'm just a little bit harder

Chorus: I say I'll try X10

[Verse 2]

Don't think you'll change me
Cause I'm plain invincible.
I like the kind of guy that can't handle his gun
Don't care what haters say
It ain't hard to kill them haters


Are you sure this is what you want?
Boy I'm warning you that I'm a heartbreaker
I would probably break yours


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I Say I'll Try Lyrics

Saira T. Rhamazani – I Say I'll Try Lyrics

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