And he walked out from the sea into the city
To set his rule and be a king
And the people of the world saw he was mighty
Amazing peace that he will bring

Now bow to me, exalting me
(Hell blade)
Bow to me, exalting me
(Hell blade)
With me you'll be forever!

Hell blade, hell blade coming
(From the sea)
Hell blade, hell blade coming
Hell blade, hell blade coming
(No mercy)

From the darkened pit he rises up to power
To builds a throne with his armies
On the temple mound he sets up to devour
All the earth is sure to see

[Repeat bridge & chorus]

Underneath the city a time's End story told
Were mutants and the likes of men cling to live and hold
The synch is overwhelming, the hell blade calls them in
To seize, capture, and destroy the likeness of all men
The curse is now among them, the final curtains close
And all the people of the earth have seen what was foretold
And death is what awaits them
The fire and the coals

[Repeat chorus]
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Hell Blade Lyrics

Saint – Hell Blade Lyrics