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Chanel Lyrics

Saigon Kick – Chanel Lyrics

from album: The Lizard (1992)
If you see me in the pouring rain, no I'm never coming back again for you,
My beloved Chanel.
Walk along my dear hand and hand. No, not a tear, not a grain of sand for you,
My beloved Chanel.
Dancing on the moonlit sky. Glancing in each others eye. Oh, my heart does swell.
Believe me when I say to you, you really ring my bell.
Walking in the park the other day, my heart skipped as I heard him say for you,
My beloved Chanel.
Crying, screaming, ranting, raving mad.
If you were dead, boy would I be glad for you, my beloved Chanel.
Laughing as your grave is built. Not an ounce of shame or guilt for you,
My beloved chanel.
I never cried, I never could. All the blame would do no good for you,
My beloved chanel.
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Songwriters: JASON L. BIELER
Chanel lyrics © Universal Music Publishing Group

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