Filled up behind your face
It's everywhere it's everyplace
In, beneath and above your skin
So spaces in so many places
Placing blame where it does not lie
It's way too sad, I'd just make you all cry

We'll just go slow

Try looking through your veil
Now you see through walls and in parallel
Life's aflame but in our heads
We're not crazy sure ain't lazy
Naming names of those who do lie
Will save your ass so come out don't hide

We'll just go slow

Oh the canvas of you
Taking more than you'd possibly think
And more than you ever agreed to begin with
If he ain't in theni ain't in
It's a no sale man
There's nothing here you brought

Swimming through the ether
Awash in a sea of energy
The thought, end, and straw you broke
It's all connected
You're disconnected
So dumbed-down don't feel the small lie
When it's too big
How will you survive

No you go
I'll go slow
No go
We'll just go slow
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We Go Slow Lyrics

Safer – We Go Slow Lyrics