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Echoes Lyrics

Sadistik – Echoes Lyrics

[Verse 1: Sadistik]
I can be the seed your hands planted in vain
I can splatter paint til it supplanted the sprains
I can see the sun is just a planet in flames
Dad’s not here to see his son planned it in vain
Tell me I’m a sinner but maybe you’re not a saint
I’ve yet to find a god to save me from all this pain
All I hear are echoes whenever I call his name
I try to change my ways but lately it's all the same
Tidal waves in veins will make me erode away
Voices in my brain all say that they’re so afraid
Aching for the angels to grace me with Novocain
I’ll pray for supernovas to blow up this hopeless place
My skulls a weight my head is so full of shame
I wear a mask still everyone knows my name
I stare in black and wish I could float away
I wish I could go today I’m kissing 'em all goodbye, look

[Hook: Deacon the Villain]
Time echoes dimly in my mind
Can I get a rewind
Light echoes dimly in my mind
Can I get a rewind

[Verse 2: Sadistik]
I can make a landfill out of a flower patch
I can change a Daffodil into a power plant
I can take what’s perfect & burn it all down to ash
Modify my mind til serpents all turn to glass
Toxify environments I’m in a state of flux
Quite a ways away and trying to stay afloat
Life can fade away in moments we wasted huh?
I tried to change my ways but nobody gave a fuck
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