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X-Man (Feat. Diamond) Lyrics

Sadat X – X-Man (Feat. Diamond) Lyrics

F/ Diamond D

[Sadat X]
You can call me X-Man, X-Man {repeats and fades

[Hook: Diamond D & (Sadat)]
Make the joints that's hot
It's Sadat (But chu' can call me X-Man)
Roll in ya city and blow up the spot
It's Sadat (But chu' can call me X-Man)
Never catch me assed out, learn to keep a knot
It's Sadat (But chu' can call me X-Man)
Gettin' love from Eden Wall down to Pink Dot
It's Sadat (But chu' can call me X-Man)

[Sadat X]
My nigga Diamond, he stay double timin'
Sometimes he make the beats other times he be rhymin'
Big pimp, can I walk with the limp and join ya fair, air play
niggas need to hear this, I got something to say
In the winter we sportin' coats
In the summer, on boats
Playin' low cause the floss niggas are the first ones to go
If I seen it once, I seen it happen a thousand times
niggas left from multiples to plan, these bullets hurt
That's real blood on ya shirt
My nigga beat June if he tune a new tune
He stay home, only come out on rare occasions
Parties, get-togethers, and low celebrations
Cause that way a nigga won't have a track on you
Cause now a days a scared nigga'll pull a mack on you
I'm tryin' to see gray hair
Meanwhile, my son is runnin' around in full warfare
They wanna take it there


[Sadat X]
Now picture if a nigga wrote my rhyme but I said it
nigga said it was hot so who gets the credit
Now that's that role shit, I can't understand it
If somebody wrote shit, put it out there I demand it
Now my nigga Black Rob he ain't down with that
And my man oc, he ain't down with that
I've seen kids get chopped at the top of they game
And low-ball kids get jerked and it's all the same
You scream some R&B shit, they been doin' it for years
Like I really give a fuck about a sweet, soul singer
I bring the soul to this shit
I'll fuck around and bring a hole to this shit
And I could go on but I ain't realy bout makin' no hate song
Let's raise our glasses, cheers
The world done flipped like one thousand years
And we seen it
I run with niggas that talk shit but they mean it

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