Baby this life is a journey of five miles
Let’s take these five steps together
While the sun smiles
Baby it’s not like my life revolves around you
But facts and figures scream that I love you
Baby let’s soar the skies together
Just give me a sign
Let’s take it further
Baby this world is a strange chase
About you and I leaving a heavenly trace

Baby this life is nothing but destiny
So go ahead and set me free
Baby I am down on my knees
This to you is my silent plea
Baby please don’t break my heart
You are my sunshine
My sweetheart
Baby when I put my arms around you
And tell you how much I love you
Don’t think of it as a prison
Just surrender to this sweet sensation
And give my life a heavenly reason
Baby this world is a heavenly place
It’s about you and me in this earthly space
Baby my heart belongs to you
So give me a clue
Let me take you higher
Trust me I am no liar
Where the lines between dreams and reality blur
It is you I have always been after
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Baby This Life Is A Journey Of Five Miles Lyrics

Sabita Mishra – Baby This Life Is A Journey Of Five Miles Lyrics