Should I trust you when I’m gone
And just put my heart at ease and not worry?
It’s not like you ain’t done it before
Way you snuck out through the door got me crying
Oh those cruelest things you got me living through
Never found a spot inside of me to forgive you
Should I trust this time around?
Should I even be in town?
Oh just give me reasons
Darling why?

Are you worth me hanging on,
Staring time right in the face till it’s over? (over, over)
Way this love is going on oh no it’s taking longer
(Than I ever thought it would)
I’m desperately trying to make things work for both of us
Tell me why I gotta be the one to bend over
Darling why?
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Darling Why? Lyrics

Sabelo Mthembu – Darling Why? Lyrics

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