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Paint The World Black Lyrics

Sabbat – Paint The World Black Lyrics

I'm standing at thecrossroads of my life -
Nothing to lose.
Each path leads to oblivion,
Whichever one I choose.
Rising from the ashes of my plight
I traverse filaments of light,
That permeate my ethereal form -
On omnipotent threads I'm born.
Unto a place where I can find
A balm to ease my troubled mind,
That I may glimpse things
Yet unseen,
A world not grey -
But evergreen...
And can you blame me -
Is it such a crime,
To crave for one small piece
Of heaven that I can call mine?
For years I have wadedthrough bland mediocrity,
Watched my hopes sinkin a mire of negation.
Yet why pay the cost for aparadise lost when here is
An Eden of natures creation?
Sisters of servitude-
Fearful and fair,
Who herald good fortune
And mete out despair.
Take pity upon me and
Give back my soul,
So that I who am 'empty'
May once more be 'whole'.
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