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I Got Away Lyrics

S-man – I Got Away Lyrics

I had a dream that got stolen
I had a heart that got broken
I had a wish that never was spoken
I had an idea that never got proven
For I had a Babe who kept me craven

I went to school but really learnt nothing
So I learnt a trade to make something
But in the end came up with nothing
And I wondered if I’d ever make anything
For I had a Babe who kept me wondering

I joined the army to learn some shooting
But ran off upon hearing real shooting
Got scared stiff when I saw some bombing
Oh boy, did I do some running!
For I had a Babe to whom I kept running

I went to a club to do some dancing
Oh my, did I do some prancing!
Against a girl who kept pushing
In the end, I stopped the hot pumping
For back to my Babe, I had to go running

I picked my ride just to go driving
And met the mobs hot out chasing
Some poor guy who’d gone borrowing
And took a loan that got him bleeding
Back to my Babe I turned back running
I took a break just to see the beach
And I did meet a pretty peach
Entrapped me without a hitch
And I fell for it without a snitch
But back to Babe, I ran with a twitch

Came a day I got tired of baby
At the way she’s kept me lazy
And now she’s driving me crazy
Always with a mind misty and hazy
But away, I got from this Baby
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