Just one more hour
And i'll know the truth that separates the right from all the wrong feelings that
You have about me your grace is distracting me

White out the memories
Of each sarcastic shot you took at me
With your hurtful tones and biting melodies

Just one more outburst
And I'm leaving you like you left me one year ago and
I know that this could never be an apoligy from you

A meaning buried
Under shuttered breathing
Its taking too long for me to spit it out

Tell me everything will be alright
Close your eyes and dream of me tonight
Tell me that you won't just fade away
Cross my heart and hope to die tonight i'll dream my pain away

I'll let the lack of words speak for me
The way I am I can't express or understand
I'll take the time now to make you see

I see through your lies, they're bleeding from your eyes
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Tell Me Everything Lyrics

Second Chance – Tell Me Everything Lyrics