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Do You Hear The Bells? * Lyrics

RZA – Do You Hear The Bells? * Lyrics

Limited* release as the b-side of a Stress Magazine cd insert and the European release of the lp [Rza]

What's, happening women What's? happening women Yea?
I got it now yea, yea yea Yo, Bobby Digital point, 'em out Point
'em out watch me sort 'em out Can
you hear the bells I?, hear bells can, you hear the bells We?
hear the bells yo, the B the O the B the B the Y The
D the I the G the I the T the A the L Can
you hear the bells Digital? digital Bobby
Bobby, Bobby, buh-Bobby, buh-Bobby, [Rza]

f gay***up the microphone be my hobby All
you crab motherfuckers out who want to rob me You
best to slob the knob G You
could never catch the great Bobby indestructible, High
producer production Suck
to the wall like suction cups Yea
what the f k**is up you duck You
better slip Or
get your wrist slit Ultimate
legit can't, quit when it comes to making hits A
phat a track** I quickly program it For
others could see me its, like Smothers brothers You
get spread on bread like the butter Peanut
what, see, what B, what razor, blade cut from Your
neck to your gut Have
no shackle Easy
for me to tackle Best
to watch back 'cause my razor sharp style Grapples
mc's With
the eagle claw clutch I'm
just to much to touch Keep
the mike beside me like Starks and Hutch Word
Up quick to roll a dutch and puff it up Blunts
everyday in the month No
need to front We
cause the blood to gush Operation
push it's, the Wu You!
scarecrow jump, off the road You
best to reload your, gat black And
get your whole s titback phat Don't
step to me with that We
can't have that weak that Bob
Digital inside your citadel S
titis critical word, it's gonna take a miracle For
mc's fall to the fallacy Here's
my rhyme policy Acknowledge
me I
keep the high quantity plus quality Equal
make you see the sequel Defiant
eagles can't match me or royal regal Lethal
eagle techniques Word
up when I speak the dialect It
makes girls' pussys get wet While
n s****hit the rewind on my casette We
could make a thousand dollar bet Bobby
never failed yet Bout
to strike gold Got
Big Free on the ones and two Break
it down for them one time Chorus

you hear the bells I?
hear the bells Can
you hear the bells Bobby?
can, you hear the bells I?
hear the bells Buh-Bobby!
Buh-Bobby, [Rza]

gay***up the mike be a hobby Crab!
motherfuckers try to step up to rob me B
h***you must be stupid slob, the knob Z B-O-B-B-Y
D-I-G-I-T-A-L Bobby, Digital Served
well keep the phat clientele I
watch you crab n s****fail Try
to sail the boat but couldn't stay afloat I
float on a note like a Staten Island ferry boat Keep
my rhyme chocolate coat B
h***you know when you bite my s titit taste sweet Going
down your throat Point
'em out let me sort em out The
fattest links we sport 'em out Nuts
bubbling boosted from extra scouts from Dublin I
could f k**a dozen birds and watch a dozen hatch I
bake my cake from scratch Keep
the cream inside the middle Make
you dribble That's
when I scribble on the paper To
write this script I had to cut down forty acres of trees Process
the wood to make the notebook sheets Blinded
from the steel spiral imported from Ohio Delivered
like the spin whirlwind kick Morio B
h***you best to read my bio First
chapter the back breaker chiropractor technique Word
up dislocate your shoulder blade joint We
striking every pressure point The
high priest solid gold diamond fang teeth With
the high tech brief around your neck I
still breach your skin girlfriend Let
me enter your zone Microphones
get cast like stone N
s****can't never bone how I bone Word
you soft as a shell You
ain't worth one skin cell Big
broiler crack your back and your head like an eggshell And
Bobby will scramble you B
h***you want to make a bet all right we'll gamble too Quick
to roll see low Catch
the loop like Niko Duck
watch out for Roscoe Pico train See
Sirus with the great dame Tryin
to infiltrate the game Wu-Tang
Clan Wu-Tang, Clan Special
brand name slang From
the book of the Ichang The
world changed once Bobby came You
better go and check your storage Wait
a minute Goldilocks who the fucks been eating my porridge Somebody?
been sitting in my chair Someone
been sleeping in my bed It
ain't Goldilocks Slope!
down the ice with bobsleds Bobby
smoke 'til his eyes get red Word
up you best to turn your head and don't look Inside
my rhyme book You
might get your whole soul took I
make the world shake I, make the world shake Then
the whole universe quake and then it shook Bobby
fishy fishy was caught inside my brook Daddy
caught him with a hook Moma
fried him in the pan And
Bobby ate it like a man Wu-Tang
Clan special brand Get
the logo Bounce
on your head with the pogo stick Rock
the wild horse with the Polo Word
up we speaking wild Quick
flash like a photo Yea
yea, Dorothy you better go find Toto cause we Ain't
in Kansas anymore It's
the killa bee shores all, out war Before
you go here you best to go there And
see it clear Through
your third eye With
a curb with, the high post up most Don't
play up close Razor
blade technique that strikes you Overdose
mc's quickly strictly, hip, hoply You
could never stop me rock, me mock, me or pass me Cause
I'm fast like Kawasaki And
when you see me coming through With
the vroom vroom vroom That
means your b h***a is** doomed So
give me room And
stand back and hand that mike back to the man Jack Unfair
black I
slam that track on trains like Amtrak Go
to shaolin isle that's, where my fams at What
you doing you can't ripple the gripple son You
get dipped up like Lipton's tea bags Or
you get spit on like the sea hag And
I smoke a fat tray bag of equality Don't
bother me You
probably never really heard of B-O-B-B-Y D-I-G-T-A-L
Clientele served well Buh-Bobby
f gay***up microphones is a hobby Buh-Bobby
buh-Bobby, buh-Bobby, Chorus

you hear the bells I?
hear the bells Can
you hear the bells [Rza]?

f, gay***up microphones is my hobby You
get tossed like cracks locked down inside the lobby Sucker
m r**********stepped up and tried to rob me for my Cuban link What
did he think What? did he think What?
was he thinking What? the f k**was he drinking B?
h***you be blast in the head like Abe Lincoln Have
you whole body shrinking Did
you believe the killa bees always swarming Alarming
calming, sound that makes mc's feel how I feel You
best to chill b h***and eat a booger Word
up or get cut up by the juga Razor
blade sharp rza Word
shame on a nza Who
try to run game on a nza You
get broken down like a puzzle with to many equal prisms Positions
oppositions, Here's
the transmissions Word
up I raid the phat sample without the glitching Why
you bitchin' Why? you bitchin' Buggin?
out 'cause my style it keeps switchin' it, keeps switchin' Oh
s titI'm itchin' I'm, itchin' for a scrap can't catch that Who
could be the match Who?
wanna match palms I?
remain calm Like
the 18 bronze man Come
to the shaolin chamber of danger feel the anger The
mad stranger Wu-Tang
Clan keep a finger Tucked
inside the back pocket Blast
like a rocket Word
up knock your eyes out the socket Here's
my new topic I
don't give a f k**if you had a whole neck full of garlic Around
you my fangs will puncture your jugular veins And
you'll be in deep deep, deep, deep, pain Why
oh why oh why do they try To?
B-O-B-B-Y D-I-G-I-T-A-L Bobby
Digital f gay***up mikes a be my hobby Point
'em out puh-point, 'em out Rza

Yo: this just a little freestyle for ya'll n s****Word
up type, s titYou
could smoke a blunt to this You
could smoke a blunt to this You
could smoke a blunt to this You
could smoke a blunt to this Word
up the main main main main main main main main Main
superhero Word
up superhero type s titmy, n s****Can
you hear the bells
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