Thatґs what friends are for...
It will take more
Than stupid followers to frighten me
Just like before
Disapprovalґs constantly
Canґt they recall
The counterstance that we shared?
Just like before
They proudly demonstrate that they never cared
Voluntarily chained to my world
Where Iґm help captive inside
Searching for a reason why they do the things
They do a test of faith
Follow my path to never become like you
Itґs on the tip of my tongue but
I swallow it down and donґt say a word
Accept all consequences
Ignore the dissapointment the alibies in what Iґve heard...
I always believed...
I always believed...
I always believed that trust was payment!!
Passed all stages
Now I see things in a different light
Thatґs what friends are for
Yeah for me to...
For me to lose as much as only I can
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Test Of Faith Lyrics

Ryker's – Test Of Faith Lyrics