How am I supposed to change
When crazy thoughts just re-arrange, inside my head
And how was I supposed to know
That you were always left untold, I could not see

But that, that don't mean nothing
My feelings have, turned into something

You are all that matters to me
So take the time, the time to breathe, a little bit
The time has come for us to grow
Take my hand don't let it go, this is for real

But that, that won't mean nothing
Unless your feelings have become something

I'd sacrifice anything
To ensure you have everything, that you need
What are you imagining
Would you make some room for me, inside your dream
Please tell me what you're looking for
I would be that just to be yours, eternally

And we, we need eachother
The rest of my life I want no other
And we, we would be something
I hope you know by now that you're my everything
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Feeling Something Lyrics

Ryan Kulla – Feeling Something Lyrics