So I, turn my back on all of the stupid games that you play
So I just won't go there with you, you should know it's not my way
All I do in front of you is just act the part that you say
Never again will I be played the puppet starting today

You say goodbye and I won't need you, I won't call you
You think there's always something more there is to say

Don't ever waste my time
When you don't care and I'm
Thinking of me this time
And I am more than just fine
Difference between you and I
Is I'll never play with your mind
And I'll tell you truth never lies,
I guess this is my goodbye

Next time, you see me I'll be on the, cover of' some magazine
You'll hear a song on the radio, realize that it's me
You'll see what we had back then before you felt you had to see
What else was there, for you with someone else I hope you're happy

One day when you're all alone you will find your thinking of me
Then you will just realize that I, was the man of your dreams...
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Waste My Time Lyrics

Ryan Huston – Waste My Time Lyrics