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Twisted Lyrics

Ryan Duarte – Twisted Lyrics

Sittin' in my room just thinkin'
How we even partied up always
Where did we go wrong?
Always thought our love was so strong
But I was wrong
Cuz your soft kisses were gone
Girl you're messin' with my mind

Chorus (x2)

I said my mind's straight twisted (twisted)
Girl cuz this love's so ridiculous
Ooooh you got me
Twisted on tw'everything

Said I'm doin' 90 on the freeway
People move the hell out of my way
Cuz I'm thinkin' what I would do, what I would say
If I seen you with another man today
I'd probly shout it out
What's this all about?
But I guess it doesn't matter what you say
Cuz I wouldn't like your answer anyway

[Chorus:] x2

Girl you know I loved you so
You told me that you'd never go
You lied to me
Oh yeah
I finally gave you want you needed
So why is love so complicated... With you?
Baby with yooouuu?

Chorus (x4)

Fade out
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